Have you ever wondered why you get either no leads or crap leads? Have a look at these following Top 10 Reasons as to why this may be happening. This will give you some important clues into what to focus on and then fix- but more about this later.

Reason No 1– You don’t have a lead attraction strategy. In other words, you have not yet developed a well constructed & thought out process that will drive leads to your business.

Reason No 2– You don’t have a lead plan. The above strategy needs to be supported with a comprehensive lead plan that can be implemented, measured and managed to get you the results you need.

Reason No 3– You don’t know your lead numbers. It is surprising to know that the majority of people simply have not calculated the correct numbers and ratio’s that will determine how many leads they actually need.

Reason No 4– You are trying to get too many leads! Yep, that’s right. Let me explain. You are so desperate for business that any customer who may need your product or service is a target. Much time is spent wasted on chasing wrong customers.

Reason No 5– You simple are not referable. Sure, you may be good at what you do but isn’t that your job? This is all about earning the right to generate quality leads built on trust, capability and going the extra mile.

Reason No 6– You don’t stand out from the crowd. In other words, there is no compelling reason as to why someone may want to seek your product or service over your competition.

Reason No 7– You are not attractive enough to your market. Leads are like magnets. You need to be so attractive to your market that they are beating a path to your door.

Reason No 8- Its all about you. That means your focus is all wrong. Customers don’t want you to sell to them. They want you to help them solve their biggest problems – you know the ones that keep them up at night.

Reason No 9– You are invisible. Yep, no-one actually knows you exist or if they do they cant find you . Being the best known in a market beats being the best in the market every day of the week.

Reason No 10– Your Digital Footprint is to weak. Things like your website, your social media channels, your blogs, your digital activities and outreach programs are either non existent, poor or pretty average.

If any of this sounds like you and you want to change ‘Why your Leads Suck’ then register for our Lead Maximisation Training Program.om ‘invisible in your market’ to visible. The next challenge is to go from visible to attractive, then considered, then chosen.


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