‘I recently was doing some work for a very large and successful banking group in Australia and they said ‘Dave we need to take any reference to the words, selling, sales, prospecting and targeting out of your ahem, sales program. WTF?

This is why selling sucks today. To sell a product or a service to someone is bad. We cant be seen to be unduly influencing someone to purchase our product or service. Its frowned upon as being unethical, pushy or someone dishonest. Let me just say, that is a load of rubbish. You cannot push a person to buy your product or service. It doesn’t work that way today. It’s not like something out of the movie The Wolf of Wall Street (despite them teaching sales tactics now).

If you read my last post- Seller Beware, then you should understand that in the 21st Century, the buyer is in control, has the power and has more choices than ever before. They don’t need to give you their business, you need to earn it. Selling is no longer about influencing it is about understanding the why- they why someone should give you their hard earned money & time to buy your product or service.

There is nothing wrong with selling if it is done with ethics, morality and customer intent (meaning your only focus is helping the customer do better, not your boss, your business or your bottom line. It goes without saying that selling requires the following key ingredients:

1. Trust- which is earned, not given. You must earn the right to be believed.

2. Credibility- proof that you can help them solve their biggest problems.

3. Authenticity- you are real, true to your word and honest in your dealings with your customers.

4. Intent- the focus is not selling a product or service but assisting the customer make the best decision.

5. Empathy- you can see it from the customers perspective and not just yours. Walk a mile in their shoes.

6. Value Exchange- the value you give is equal to the investment they are required to make.

7. Focus- is on building a customer relationship, not securing a transaction now.

Selling suffers from an image problem. It is not about pushing a product or service onto a client or customer. It is all about helping them get the right outcomes for themselves. The old school shiny suit, polished shoes, slick salesperson image is out. Real, honest people who only focus on how to help, not how to sell, will ensure selling doesn’t suck but is a valuable process between the buyer and the seller. Let’s face it, without sales, your business won’t survive and that’s the bottom line.

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