Virtual Sales Manager Recommended Steps

We have found from over 15 years experience in helping transform sales results that the following step by step process will generate the best results consistently over time to ensure you meet and exceed your sales goals and outcomes when you use the Virtual Sales Manager service.




Step 1- Sales Check

We do an analysis of your sales process, skills, budget, funnel & pipeline, point of difference, customer offer & performance. We then provide you with a recommendation of where you can improve to optimise your sales. The package includes a 2.5 hour workshop and 2 mentoring sessions to help support you.


Step 2- Sales Forensics

A much more in-depth look at your sales, which also includes all the elements of Sales Check. We evaluate your sales plan, sales outreach strategies, buyer discovery & persona, partnerships & networks and overall sales effectiveness. You receive a comprehensive understanding of how to maximise your sales. Includes a 1/2 day workshop plus 4 mentoring sessions to help.


Step 3- Sales Mapping

Our Sales Map is our most comprehensive deep dive into your sales operation. It includes all the elements of Sales Check & Sales Forensics plus helping you create a 12 month sales plan. We help you set up your prospecting plan, sales management process, KPI’s, social selling strategies and sales tactics. We also will evaluate your sales team. It includes 2 x 1/2 workshops and 6 mentoring sessions stretched over 12 weeks.


Step 4- Sales Transformation

We choose a fixed time frame- from a minimum of 12 weeks to as long as 1 year and we set the Sales Transformation process into action so we can ensure we achieve your desired results for that specific time period. I work closely with those nominated using the Virtual Sales Manager approach.


Ongoing Sales Mentoring & Coaching

We continue on after your Sales Transformation period and are there as your Virtual Sales Manager to ensure we can help you optimise and maximise your sales by controlling and managing all the key elements of your sales ecosystem over time.


David Hayward

Virtual Sales Manager

David has over 30 years experience in sales & business development and has personally trained over 5,000 people from a variety of different industries & roles. Get the experience you need to help turnaround your sales results now.

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