Many businesses struggle to make their sales targets and budgets because they simply have the wrong sales person in the role. In other words, they have recruited poorly or promoted incorrectly. This square peg in the round hole can have a huge impact on achieving the sales you need to survive. It generally happens like this.

The sales role becomes available. Those from within the company are generally the first who are asked to apply (this is the first mistake- as you are not recruiting from the best pool of candidates available). In many of these situations, someone who is great at their existing job, has the performance halo effect- in other words, because they have done well in the past- it is assumed they will do well in the new role. This is the second mistake. Often these candidates are promoted and pushed by their existing managers so as they can expand their careers.  Assuming they will perform in a very different job structure is fraught with danger. Assuming the attributes that created the success in their previous role, will drive success in their new role is clearly wrong.

If these candidates are coming from outside of the existing business, the recruiting process can also be very flawed. Some of the biggest issues I have seen with this are things like:

1. Relying on a past resume (no resume ever tells the whole truth).

2. Assuming profiling and psych testing will help determine sales aptitude (it doesn’t)

3. Recruiters get paid by getting bums on seats, so they often push candidates onto the business.

4. Many recruiters have not been in sales or sales management roles, so would struggle to understand what it really takes to get success.

5. Many of the attributes and skills required and even promoted by the candidates are not tested prior to the successful appointment. This is a fundamental error. Don’t assume – test and determine.

Don’t create future sales problems by recruiting poorly. Get expert outside help to ensure the candidate you select is fit for purpose in the sales role and will achieve the sales results you require. After all, sales drive income and profit and it is critical to the success of any business today.

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