Why choose us?

Simplicity. Ease. Expertise. Results. Experience.

But most importantly we have been in your shoes having worked as a broker and banker for many years. We get it.

Our programs are only based on the knowledge & skills we have developed over 15 years & having trained 8,000 lenders, brokers & bankers.

How we can help transform your sales results

Sales Management

We guarantee that you consistently meet and exceed your goals by optimising your sales elements. We manage sales funnels, pipelines, and activities for individuals and teams to ensure accountability. This includes setting up and managing sales plans and strategies to establish the metrics for success.

Sales Assessment Tool

We have unparalleled expertise in assessing the skill gaps of individual sales people and teams. One of the most undervalued areas in sales development, many salespeople rely on ad hoc training or experience in the field to learn skills and strategies. As a result, many companies are missing out on opportunities for improved performance. Our Sales Assessment Tool benchmarks critical skills against best practices. We’ve trained more than 7,500 sales professionals, evaluating specific areas to improve their effectiveness and overall performance.

Sales Strategy & Planning

Having an effective sales strategy and plan maximises your sales results. Together with your sales department, our team will help construct a robust sales plan. It will include clear goals, actions and timelines that incorporates business development activities to outsmart and outperform your competitors.

Sales Coaching & Mentoring

Not all sales managers make great sales coaches. Sales coaching is a distinct skill that requires experience to be honed. The ultimate goal of a coach should be to instill the discipline, mindset, and attitude necessary to create a culture of sales success without any further assistance. With David Hayward, your team will walk out equipped and ready to lead the company's future in sales.

Sales Education & Training

The Sales Assessment Tool is a means of analyzing current sales practices and identifying areas where improvement is needed. This will enable us to develop tailored education or training programs. Each sales personnel will receive instruction and guidance unique to their capabilities as well as the specific needs of the business for a fully customised experience.

Join the top global companies that rely on our training programs to increase their sales

Empower your future with sales training that creates more confident, successful and skilled sales professionals. Get access to proven strategies the country's biggest brands use. Over 7,500 sales people trained, from 700 workshops, spanning 15 years. Designed from practice not theory- you are in great hands.