Get More Sales

Program Description:

The Get More Sales program is a refreshing and needed new powerful approach that teaches you how to get that sale without using the sales tactics and techniques that pits the buyer against the seller. It is the only authentic, trust-based and transparent process that will have customers say yes without the sales pressure and hype that often goes with it.

Ideal Participants:

This program is ideal for those who are:

  • In non-traditional sales roles but have to rely on getting a sale to keep their business profitable
  • Those who have had very little or no formal training in selling and wish to learn the authentic way to get the sale
  • Those sales professionals or leaders who have had sales experience or formal training but are over the stigma and hype of poor selling practices.

Inside the Program

Please find below a brief overview of some of the key content of the Sales without Selling program:

  • Module No 1- Understanding your buyer’s mindset
  • Module No 2- How to connect with your buyer
  • Module No 3- How you can convince them to buy
  • Module No 4- How you can secure your buyer
  • Module No 5- How you can leverage more opportunities

In each module we link the 10 keys of Sales without Selling, which are as follows:

  1. Revealing- using discovery to find out what your buyer really wants
  2. Attracting- using compelling ways to entice your customer to you
  3. Educating- helping educate your clients to find the best solutions
  4. Visibility- making sure your clients know you exist & can help them
  5. Relating- building a strong bond of trust & credibility
  6. Communicating- knowing your client’s communication preferences
  7. Influencing- helping manage your client’s main concerns
  8. Simplifying- making it easier for your clients to buy from you
  9. Programming- managing mindsets to make it happen
  10. Multiplying- how to turn one opportunity into many more


Sales without Selling is conducted as a 12- week mentored program to only 100 participants each semester. It is conducted via our Virtual Classroom where you learn at your pace and then supported by live coaching, exercises, and practice sessions and the exclusive use of our Sales without Selling Resource Centre

For those who may prefer to get it done quickly, we will conduct face to face workshops in capital cities and major regional towns across Australia. These workshops will be 2 days to 3 days in duration (2 days for program delivery of content and 1-day practice of skills (optional but recommended). Please check out our Options Tab to choose the best way for you to learn these amazing new sales skills.

Double Your Sales

The New Way to Sell in the 21st Century

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Double Your Sales

The New Way to Sell in the 21st Century

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