Perfect Partnering

Perfect Partnering is based on over 15 years of research, trial & development on what it takes to develop perfect B2B partnerships.
Smart sales & business professionals realise that collaboration through networks of strategic alliances is critical to creating additional sales opportunities and lead flows. Perfect Partnering teaches who to select, how to entice & acquire partnerships and what it takes to generate lead flows for success.

This program is ideally suited to professional salespeople and business owners who wish to develop their B2B networks to help generate new and lucrative sources of lead opportunities & sales.

Features Benefits
Why You- Why Partner Creating powerful ‘why partner’ statements that work
Link Ideal Customers to Ideal Partners Linking your chosen ideal customers to the correct B2B partners
Fundamentals of great relationships Knowing how to build a great relationship that works over time
Relationship Stages Understanding what stages, the relationship must progress through
Circles of Influence Learning how to leverage existing B2B partners to expand your network
Managing the No Strategies to overcome objections & rejections to your initial approach
Understanding their needs Understanding why these partners actually need to work with you
Law of Reciprocation Being clear on how this law can actually work to your benefit
Becoming the Celebrity Becoming the Celebrity
Creating Lead Flows Setting up and creating lead flows from your B2B partners
Communicating & Managing Communicating & Managing


After completing the Perfect Partnering program, you will have a sound understanding of how to identify, acquire and manage key B2B partners.
You will also be able to generate sources of new leads & opportunities for sales from these partners, developed over time. By understanding the fundamentals of these key relationships, you will have learnt how to collaborate well in your local communities for mutual success.


The Perfect Partnering program is delivered in a traditional face-to-face workshop with David Hayward or online.


  • 2-day workshop covering all the key modules

Online program:

  • 12 weeks self-paced online delivery of modules coupled with online support & coaching.


The cost of program options is:

  • Face to Face two-day workshop – $950 per person plus gst
  • Online modules plus coaching $749 plus gst

Sales Karma

Assess your Sales Style and Karma

Download PDF

Sales Karma

Assess your Sales Style and Karma

Download PDF

Tools provided during program delivery:

  • Quarter Hour of Power
  • Local Trading Zone Heat Map
  • Pain, Gain & Claim Wheel
  • Managing the 7 key objections
  • Generating Lead Flows from Partners

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