You know the drill. You are attending your weekly sales meeting discussing how you or your team went this in achieving your pre-determined sales targets. You will normally hear or even worse use the following excuses.

1. Business was super quiet this week, we just have the customer flows we normally have.

2. Our competitors are smashing us on price, they have a red hot offering we cant match.

3. If our customer support areas were better and they didnt keep dropping the ball then we could have converted more sales.

4. It’s super tough in todays economic climate to get enough business.

5. Customers are just not buying this week.

6. I have heaps in my sales pipeline and they should all come through soon.

7. I spent all my time working on a massive deal that we were certain to land but the customer wont commit.

8. And my all time favourite, I am so busy and have so much business, I just cant dedicate enough time!

Sound familiar? In today’s COVID world of lockdowns, shutdowns and closures many of these reasons may be truly valid. BUT- many of these reasons are also used when times are normal and business is flowing. The question is- have you really in all honesty put in enough dedicated time, focus and effort to achieve the sales budgets you committed too, when you signed up for the job?

If times are quiet and sales are low, you must go hunting for the opportunities not falling for the excuses. If you want to double your sales, you need to double the amount of time you spend selling and get smarter about how you do it.

The sales people who always produce are faced with exactly the same issues¬† but find a way to continue to produce and exceed their targets. If you would like my simple guide ‘How to Get More Customers’ just reach out to me and I am happy to send you a copy.

Getting sales requires effort, time and energy.

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