Doing the Hustle

Does this sound like you?

You are great at what you do BUT your business is suffering BECAUSE:

  • you need more customers
  • you need more leads
  • you need more income
  • you need more sales

You have to pay the bills right? You have a great product or service and business does come to you but it is really slow, inconsistent and just hard. You have advertised, done your social media stuff, attended networking functions, pitched & presented but it just doesn’t seem to flow continually. You know what needs to be done but you may lack the time or skills to get it done.

You need to HUSTLE! By definition it means ‘you hurriedly push it along- or a state of great activity’. That’s why I have created ‘Doing the Hustle’. It is a 3 hour, condensed LIVE face to face workshop where I teach you how to HUSTLE UP new business. First comes the theory:

  • Getting your ideal customer right
  • Knowing where to find them
  • Understanding how to attract them
  • Getting them to want you
  • Connecting with them, Securing them

Next, you will practice all your amazing skills, in the workshop, in a supported and controlled environment, with others just like you. You will hone your skills by getting support and help from others before you go live. Finally, you Hustle. You go live in the workshop and you make your calls. You give it a go and start the process of gaining new business opportunities , with confidence, passion, enthusiasm and tenacity.

Doing the Hustle, forces you to do the activities required, in the shortest possible time, to turn your business results around. To create more opportunities, get more leads, close more sales, get more revenue flowing and make more money. Your investment is only $295 for the 3-hour live workshop and places ares limited. It has been designed by one of Australia’s leading business development and sales guru’s, contracted by some of Australia’s most successful organisations to train their staff.

Request the program outline by using the Contact Form and placing ‘Doing the Hustle’ in the subject matter headline or contact Dave using his details provided.

Features Benefits
Ideal Customer Knowing who they are, where to find them, what they want
Pain & Gain Understanding their ‘why to buy’ from you
TLC Method Developing Trust, Likeability & Credibility
Opening & Closing the Door Enticing, Attracting, Creating the Opportunity & then overcoming objections
Flipping Your Funnel Getting your numbers right- activities, leads, time, sales


The outcome of the Doing the Hustle Program will be new sales opportunities. You will secure new opportunities, not only in the workshop but in the future also. You will have the knowledge to know how to attract, secure and gain new business. You will have the skills required to make it happen. You will have the confidence to give it a go. You will have dedicated time, to do it right now- no excuses. This will be the start of turning your business results around and finally getting what you deserve for all your skills, hard work and effort.


The Doing the Hustle is a 3-hour live, face to face workshop. It is not a chalk and talk session, it is a Learn & Earn workshop, where it is broken into 3 distinct parts. Part 1 is the theory behind what it takes to get more business. Part 2 is about practising the skills required to get good, really good at gaining this new business. Part 3 is about going LIVE, having a crack at your real customer opportunities- while you are there at the workshop. You will make it happen.


The Doing the Hustle Program investment is $295 plus gst, per person, for the 3-hour live workshop, which includes all material. Once you have completed this workshop, you may wish to come back for future practice or live sessions, without the theory. This will be at a reduced rate of $179 plus gst.

Double Your Sales

The New Way to Sell in the 21st Century

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Double Your Sales

The New Way to Sell in the 21st Century

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