ANZ Banking Group (1999- 2003)

In 1999, many banks were withdrawing from regional cities & towns. ANZ Banking Group needed an external sales & business development program to help their Regional Managers (Branch & Leadership) grow their businesses and sales in a contracting marketplace.

The Outcome

David Hayward designed a sales & business development program to help them manage and grow their regional areas. The program was so successful that ANZ did not close branches in these regional towns, like other banks and in fact had a 29% uplift in sales & mortgage business written.

St George Bank (2004- 2009)

St George Bank went out to tender in the Australian training marketplace for a sales training provider. The brief was to develop a national sales & business growth program for their retail banking staff nationally and specifically to form part of their new staff induction program and foundation sales training program

The Outcome

David Hayward designed, developed and delivered two sales training programs for St George. The first one was titled ‘ROCS’ – acronym for ‘Recognising Opportunities Creates Success’. ROCS was a 2- day workshop delivered program, supported by an extensive sales leadership and coaching program for branch managers & sales leaders responsible for the branch networks.

The second program, called ‘DOCS’ – a B2B business development program focussed on partnerships & local strategic alliances. DOCS was also a 2-day business development program, short for; ‘Developing Opportunities Creates Success’.

Both programs achieved uplifts in sales for St George by approximately 30-35% and became embedded in the sales culture of St George for over a 5-year period.
New ‘lending coaches’ were also created as a direct consequence of both programs.

Bankwest (2010- 2011)

Bankwest was a new player in the banking industry and required a training organisation to help their new retail branch staff develop new sales opportunities throughout their network.

The Outcome

David Hayward designed, developed and delivered a 2-day sales & business development program to help their new retail branches develop external business partnerships. David Hayward helped Bankwest build B2B business partnerships to over 500 nationally & significantly helped their business grow and expand.

Sony Pictures (2013)

Sony Pictures (Australia) needed a Sales Training Handbook to help guide their senior B2B partnership managers and business development managers nationally for their retail business.

The Outcome

David Hayward successfully designed, delivered and coached their team on foundation sales skills, with specific emphasis on negotiation and objection handling in complex retail situations. The program was successful in assisting them secure some major retail partnerships (e.g. JB HI-FI) and the development of a simple yet powerful sales handbook that gave them tips & tactics for all future sales situations & negotiations

National Australia Bank (2013- 2018)

National Australia Bank required a national B2B business partner acquisition program to help support their ‘Introducer Program’ and the strategic development of key 3rd party referral relationships.

The Outcome

David Hayward acquired this national training contract and helped develop the NAB team over 5 years. David worked closely and consulted with key stakeholders during this time. He also designed and delivered a benchmark business development program called ‘Own Your Town’ to help their branch managers and branch sales staff build their B2B networks.

The program was hugely successful resulting in over 4,000 business to business partners being signed up and for the states that actively pursued the program (NSW) – resulting in a 30-40% uplift in sales and growth in mortgage lending.

The program was so successful that it was extended to their Small Business Segment, the Business Bank segment and the Mobile Lending Channel.

WorldPoly (2014)

WorldPoly is a manufacturing business operating in Australia with both national and international sales. They had grown organically and required a formalised sales & business development program supported by 121 coaching.

The Outcome

As they did not have the resources for a full sales team, David Hayward provided them with a simple sales process, framework and strategy for improved business performance.
Tailored coaching and mentoring of their Marketing Manager and National Sales Manager over 12 weeks assisting them with key sales strategies, activities & skills to help grow their business.

SmartPay (2018)

SmartPay operates a business called SmartLeasing. They have 2 state Business Development Managers (NSW & Victoria) who required sales management & coaching to help build their B2B business referral partnerships.

The Outcome

David Hayward mentored and coached their BDMs for over a period of 12 weeks including sales plans, activities, targets & lead generation plus I also Coaching 121 which covered sales skills, objection handling and negotiation skills.
At the conclusion of the programs, SmartPay had a well- structured, disciplined and successful approach to acquiring new partners and developing important B2B relationships for lead flow.

CBA- London (2018)

David Hayward was appointed to train the Commonwealth Bank’s International Business Partnership Managers based in London. David helped build the skills and abilities of their international business partnership managers to build both B2B partnerships and clientele.

The Outcome

David Hayward successfully designed, developed and delivered a 4-day workshop called ‘More Customers’ that helped the International Partnership Managers attract, acquire, manage and develop these B2B relationships in complex international sales environments.