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Sales Training

If you want to learn how to ‘sell’ ethically, morally and with transparency and authenticity- the flagship program ‘Transparent Selling’ is ideal for you. Training that can be delivered online or in dynamic group settings. Not sure if this is right for you- get the course overview.

Sales Coaching

This helps ‘activate’ and bring to life the sales theory & training you undertake. Imagine being mentored by one of Australia’s leading experts in sales, lead generation and business development techniques. Wow!

Sales Management

The old adage- what gets measured gets done. Having your very own Virtual Sales Manager to help you manage your key metrics of success (funnel, pipelines, conversions, activities) will quickly transform your results.

Sales Strategy

Its surprising to me how many people have not developed a comprehensive sales strategy & plan to get the results they need. Most just have a sales budget. Sound like you? Then get our help and develop them now.

Sales Analysis

Sometimes you need an expert to de-construct and analyse what you are currently doing in your sales ecosystem. Let us do that for you so we can help you find the gaps that you need to improve for outstanding results.

The Transparent Selling Program

My flagship training program. It has at its core the following key beliefs.


Advisor not seller

We focus on acting as an advisor to our clients and not sellers. This means we only offer solutions that we know ideally suit the customers needs.


intent driven

Our approach is Intent Driven, which means we focus on what is always in the best interests of the clients and not what is in our best interests.



No tricks, tactics or approaches. What you see is always what you get and we operate on truth & honesty underpinned by integrity in what we do.


customer centric

We place the needs of the customer at the very centre of everything we do. Nothing is done or offered unless it matches those needs in totality.


passion & Purpose

We absolutely love what we do and do it willingly because our goal is to truly help someone solve the problem they may have & find the best outcome for them.


Experts in our Fields

We are truly the experts in our chosen fields. We are seen to be the very best in what we do, with the best knowledge and experience that a customer can benefit from.

Do you need to generate a steady stream of high quality sales leads that easily convert?


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My Mission

‘I love to help people grow and develop their skills so they can achieve better outcomes for themselves, their businesses and their lives. Seeing the transformational changes in what they can achieve and the new heights of success they can reach is what gets me out of bed every single day & lights my fire’.

David Hayward