just who is the virtual sales manager?

The Virtual Sales Manager, is one of Australia’s best kept secrets in sales, business development & sales management skills. He has never needed to advertise nor spruik his services as clients find him through his outstanding personal reputation from others who have used his services. Check out his background below.

About Dave Hayward

David has been fortunate enough to work for some fantastic companies in a variety of different roles and industry segments. Industries such as Oil & Exploration, Hospitality, High End Advertising Agencies, Banking & Finance, Mortgage Brokering, Retailing, Education & Training.

He has held roles such as National Sales Manager, National Business Development Manager, State Sales Manager, State Customer Service Manager, VP Of Sales, Regional Manager, Franchise Manager and Small Business Owner and Operator.

Highly regarded in his field of selling, business development, sales leadership and personal development. Often contracted by Australia’s leading organisations to help improve the sales outcomes of their staff, David brings 30 years of real world experience & knowledge to help you.

Just look at the companies he has been employed by over his career and below the number of people he has personally impacted on.

People Helped

Lives changed

Inspiring Workshops

Average uplift

Values & Vision


My vision is to change the way people perceive selling and to see it as a way of helping and guiding someone to make an informed decision that is always in their best interests. Here are the following values that underpin this vision.


Always being true to yourself and authentic to your customers so what they see is actually really what they get. No smoke and mirrors or tricks.


Making sure you always do what you say and act in the best interests of your customers- all the time.


Telling the truth and like it is- always but respectfully. Even if it means you may miss out on the sale. 


We live in a low trust world today and it is critically important that trust in you, what you say, what you do and who you work for is the foundation stone of your business operation.

The No BS Approach to Selling

Selling isn’t a dirty word- it just suffers from an image problem because it has become more about what you can get from someone versus what you can give to someone. It’s time this changed.

Advisor not seller

We focus on acting as an advisor to our clients and not sellers. This means we only offer solutions that we know ideally suit the customers needs.

intent driven

Our approach is Intent Driven, which means we focus on what is always in the best interests of the clients and not what is in our best interests.


No tricks, tactics or approaches. What you see is always what you get and we operate on truth & honesty underpinned by integrity in what we do.

customer centric

We place the needs of the customer at the very centre of everything we do. Nothing is done or offered unless it matches those needs in totality.

passion & Purpose

We absolutely love what we do and do it willingly because our goal is to truly help someone solve the problem they may have & find the best outcome for them.

Experts in our Fields

We are truly the experts in our chosen fields. We are seen to be the very best in what we do, with the best knowledge and experience that a customer can benefit from.

Check out some of my past projects that has helped turnaround & transform sales results for some of Australia’s leading companies.

Need some help?

I am here to help you. More than happy to chat to you and offer any tips or insights that might help you in optimising your sales outcomes.