The Sales Master – David Hayward

David Hayward is truly the master of selling, having spent over 25 years selling, leading, training and coaching in the sales environment.

He has personally trained over 5,000 sales professionals and conducted more than 500 face to face sales workshops. He has been approached and contracted to some of the world’s leading organisations and has conducted training all across Australia and overseas.

He has been trusted by Australia’s leading banks to help develop the sales and business development skills of their frontline staff. This association has led him to develop the Sales without Selling program because selling has become misused in some circumstances. David also has worked across a variety of other key industries and brings this depth of knowledge into his training.

David is accredited in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), which is the science of how your brain works. He applies this to his Sales without Selling program. David is a highly regarded and sought after trainer, facilitator and keynote speaker as he brings high energy, motivation, practicality and real world examples that help make his training programs simple to use and easy to follow.


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