Get More Customers

The Get More Customers program has been designed to help business and sales professionals multiply their success by attracting more leads, acquiring more customers and generating greater sales.

Get More Customers program is a simple step-by-step program that has been used by some of Australia’s leading organizations to move their sales and customer growth to the next level.

Features Benefits
Developing your WHY BUY Customers will understand why they should buy from you and not others
Creating the Success Mindset Helping you set and maintain your winner’s mindset for success
Defining your Ideal Customers Choosing what type of customers, you actually want to serve
Where to find your Ideal Customers Knowing the best places to source your ideal customers
Establishing your local trading zone Being clear on the geographic reach of your business and where to focus
Setting up your Outreach mechanisms Becoming visible to your marketplace and developing a lead attraction process
Being an Ethical Seller Creating a unique point of difference by helping & serving rather than selling
Generating Referrals Defining ways to help you generate greater referrals from customers
Setting up Sales Activities & Prospecting Creating weekly sales & prospecting activities that will keep leads flowing
Developing your Sales Map Developing a sales plan and roadmap for future success
Managing Setbacks & Roadblocks Managing and overcoming objections and roadblocks so you always win
Getting it Right Creating the best business growth operating rhythm to keep success going


After the completion of the Get More Customers  business growth program you will be able to:

  • Attract new leads
  • Convert more sales
  • Have a compelling point-of-difference
  • Generate greater word-of-mouth referrals
  • Have a clear sales & prospecting strategy that will drive results
  • Know how to become visible in your market through great outreach strategies
  • Have a winner’s mindset


The Get More Customers program is delivered online through our Easy Learning process. It is structured to take 12 weeks and you will be exclusively mentored and coached by David Hayward during that period.

  • Practice workshops to help hone your skills
  • Free access to our Sales Resources Centre
  • Self-paced digital delivery of modules coupled with online support & coaching


  • Small business owners who have been established for 1-2 years and are now looking to multiply their sales and business growth and take their business to the next level.


Please enquire as to the investment cost of this program and the supporting Fact Sheet that outlines the key content of the Get More Customers Program.

Double Your Sales

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Double Your Sales

The New Way to Sell in the 21st Century

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  • Why You, Why Now
  • Sales Map
  • 3-2-1 Go motivation

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