The Virtual Sales Manager

Great sales outcomes delivered every time.

   Get the best Sales results from your people and for your business with the training & management services of one of Australia’s leading sales experts, David Hayward. 
As a Virtual Sales Manager, David has helped many top tier companies and Australian SME’s achieve resounding sales success.

Companies that have trusted David Hayward, the Virtual Sales Manager. 

We engaged David Hayward to help build the skills, capabilities and outcomes for our retail sales teams. The results achieved were outstanding!

Paul J

State General Manager, National Australia Bank

I have had the opportunity to work with David in various roles and segments and his impact has always been significant. He has an excellent talent in being able to simplify what is often and over complicated discipline, sales. Will continue to engage with David as the opportunity presents.

Theo E

Digital Director, KMPG

How the Virtual Sales Manager can work for you

See how the Virtual Sales Manager can help lift your business sales & performance.

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 Exclusive to David Hayward

To get outstanding sales outcomes, it is important you manage your whole Sales Eco-System.

This includes the following criteria:

Sales Effectiveness

Sales Management

Customer Attunement

Marketing Alignment

Strategy & Planning

Sales Environment

Sales Enablement

Sales Operation

Sales Prospecting

Why trust David Hayward?

Over 7500 sales people trained

Over the 15 years, David Hayward’s sales training company, has trained over 750 groups/teams in Australia and overseas.
His training programs and business development systems have enabled Australia’s leading companies and SME’s – to improve their sales performance and overall business results.


What results will you get?

Simply- Double your cuRrent sales

David’s experience and expertise over many years and many sectors, has given him the unique ability to focus on needs, people and systems to maximise sales results quickly. 

The ‘Sales EcoSystem’ looks at your whole sales environment to ensure we get results effectively and holistically.


How I help sales performance

my services

Sales Training & Development, Sales Coaching & Mentoring, Sales Management, Sales Strategy & Planning and Sales Diagnosis, Assessment & Analysis.
Your Virtual Sales Manager to improve your sales results and your team’s selling skills – without the cost of employing a Sales Manager. Available on a project or ongoing basis.