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Are you a business owner who would love to get the very best performance in sales from your sales people & business? Now you can get some expert help. Choose   The Virtual Sales Manager.


Services of the Virtual Sales Manager

Sales Training

Helping build outstanding sales abilities through developing excellence in selling by focusing on enhancing the sales skills of you and your team. With over 25 years experience in selling, across multiple industries, we know what to focus on that will drive sales success.

Sales Recruiting

Getting the right sales person is the key to getting the sales success you need in your business. Using the VSM Activity Assessment Program, we test the skills before you hire. I will help you recruit for performance and future success.

Sales Strategist

The Virtual Sales Manager will help review, analyse and develop the best sales strategy to help get you the sales you need in your business.

Sales Coaching

Helping the teams and the individuals within them attain the sales success they need and desire through one to one and group training sessions.

Sales Management

Helping manage sales funnels, pipelines, leadflows, conversions, prospecting, sales and activites and time management. Outsourcing sales management saves money, gets cut-through and utilises the skills of expert sales managers to help drive outcomes & results.

Some of Dave’s Past Clients

We engaged David Hayward to help build the skills, capabilities and outcomes for our retail sales teams. The results achieved were outstanding!

Paul J

State General Manager, National Australia Bank

I have had the opportunity to work with David in various roles and segments and his impact has always been significant. He has an excellent talent in being able to simplify what is often and over complicated discipline, sales. Will continue to engage with David as the opportunity presents.

Theo E

Digital Director, KMPG

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Using our proven training, strategies, coaching & management

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The Virtual Sales Manager can help you with

Smashing Sales Targets

Overcoming Sales Fear

Getting More from Less

Beating Your Competition

Closing More Sales

Flowing Sales Pipelines

Unstoppable Motivation

Attracting More Leads

Creating Smart Strategies

How to Close More Sales


A specially designed training program that will help sales professionals and business owners be able to convert more sales opportunities to real sales outcomes.


How to Generate More Leads


Teaching sales professionals and business owners how to attract more high quality leads, that will ultimately convert to real sales outcomes.


How to Get More Customers


Helping sales professional and business owners attract and secure more customers to their products or services. Based on over 30 years of experience.