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Want to be the best you can be in generating new sales and become an accredited Sales Master?

Choose our Sales Mastery Package and get the following:

Access our 3 flagship sales training education packages in our virtual classroom:

–        Sales without Selling, Double Your Sales, Mindset Selling Programs

–        Free online sales mentoring & coaching during your membership period

–        Free access to our exclusive sales resource’s library

–        Free enrolment to any of our ‘practice workshop sessions’

–        Free initial sales forensics discovery session

–        50% off all new sales programs released during your membership period

The membership program is valid for a period of 3 years and the investment is $2,850 plus GST. Monthly payment options are available from as little as $87 per month and a 100% money-back guarantee is available (conditions apply). The total value of this package is in excess of $6,270 and represents a 50% discount.

This offer is ONLY VALID for the first 100 members who sign up in each new membership intake period (every 3 months) due to coaching restrictions. For all others, standard training costs will apply.

You are learning a skill that will last you for the remainder of your working life and one that will help you create new sales for your business consistently & easily. The investment cost is commensurate with this value. You will also become an Accredited Sales Master (ASM) on the successful completion of the 3 programs. This may help you secure better employment opportunities or higher salary options as your skills will be unique and set you apart from your peers.

Academy 21 takes individuals through all the key fundamentals of selling & business development for greater success. Ideally suited for individuals or businesses who wish to be coached or mentored by ‘The Instant Sales Manager

Participants will be set specific sales tasks and activities for their business and mentored each week for a 12-week period to help gain sales and business success. Specific focus is lifting sales performance, generating new leads & opportunities, improving sales skills and creating a winning sales mindset.

Features Benefits
Individual one to one Coaching Enhancing sales with individual mentoring & support
Sales Skill Assessment Identifying key areas for sales improvement & enhancement
BD Planning & Targeting Assisting with setting business development strategies & targeting
Sales Activity & Prospecting Creating a comprehensive Sales Road Map
Sales Contrasting Developing the unique and compelling sales point-of -difference
Sales Planning Creation of a simple sales plan that helps attain sales success faster
Local Trading Zone Analysis Working out the best hot spots in their local trading areas to focus on
Sales & Motivation Mindset Developing a winner’s mindset to motivate for future success
Handling Objections Learning how to manage objections
Learning how to negotiate better Become a better negotiator to handle issues and guide outcomes
Managing Fears & Rejection Overcome sales fears and managing the rejection
Being Bold Stepping outside of comfort zones for greater success
Sales Networking Learning how to effectively network for better results
Sales Socializing Learning how to best use the social media platforms for best success


Academy21’s 12-week program will provide participants with greatly enhanced sales skills and will have far greater capabilities in lead generation, B2B partnering and prospecting.


Academy21 is only available as a comprehensive 12-week mentoring program and is limited to an intake of only 6 individuals per month.


The investment is for a 12-week sales mentoring program is $6,450 per individual. Flexible payment options exist.

Double Your Sales

The New Way to Sell in the 21st Century

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Double Your Sales

The New Way to Sell in the 21st Century

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  • Sales Map
  • Why Me, Why Buy
  • MUSTDO Sales Process
  • KIT- Social Media Plan

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